Seminars, lectures, worksheets and workshops for localization of the industry and support of local content are held during AFD exhibition, and are attended by speakers whose specialized in supporting the industry. These aim to create a communication environment between government agencies (beneficiaries) and national companies and factories according to Vision (2030), introducing the obstacles and challenges that hinder the procedures of localization of the industry in the Kingdom and come up with appropriate solutions and procedures that contribute to the use of local content, increase knowledge and raise industrial awareness by benefiting from the best international and national experiences to achieve localization.


09.30-11.30AMSaudi Vision 2030 and the challenges of transition to the industrial economy

  • Localization of 50% of the military industries
  • Natural resources in the Kingdom
  • Investment opportunities in the Kingdom
  • Government facilities to attract foreign investments required for localization
  • Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Importance of local manufacturing strategy for national security
  • International experiences in manufacturing and localization of technology
09.30-11.30AMLocal content and localization of industry and the development of small and medium enterprises

  • Definition of local content
  • Industrial facilities
  • Updating policies and procedures to ensure the use of local content
  • Characterize the work procedure and develop the requirements for contracts to ensure the use of local product
  • The role of the local competition and procurement system in supporting local manufacturing
  • Saudization of technical and engineering specialties in the private sector
  • Training and qualification of the private sector for technology transfer
  • Products Importing substitution with local capabilities and increase exports
09.30-11.30AMThe role of strategic sectors in the localization of industry

  • Industrial Capacity and Localization Programs
  • Strategic partnerships with leading companies
  • Partnership with research centers and universities to solve the industrial problems of the local product
  • Utilization of available local raw materials in products manufacturing
  • Integrated work between large enterprises and small and medium enterprises
  • Development of specialized national technical expertise and benefiting from them in localizing process

Lectures Program

  • Turkish Experience in Industry Localization .
  • SAMI Strategy and Goals
  • General Dynamics’s strategy to localize manufacturing.
  • Supporting Small & Medium Enterprises
  • BAE-SYSTEM’s strategy in supporting Industrialization
  • Civil Aviation Authority requirements for local product approval ) AIRWORTHINESS)


  • The Fourth Industrial Revolution.
  • Supply Chain, Manufacturing to Supply
  • The role of Industrial Database Center in supporting local industry
  • Quality and specifications of domestic products.
  • The role of standardization, calibration, laboratory and product conformity
  • Saudization of technical and engineering specialties in the private sector.
  • Reverse engineering and it’s role in industry.
  • Cooperation with research and development centers
  • Intellectual property and its impact on local manufacturing

Important dates:

  • Deadline for receiving papers: 10/1/ 2018
  • Final Notice: 15/1/2018

Terms of Submission:

  • Submitting the posted topics.
  • Submitting the abstract and it shouldn’t exceed 300 words.
-521days -1hours -11minutes -39seconds


13.00-15.00PM The role of AFED 2018 in the localization of materials and spare parts industry in Saudi Arabia and the strategic partnerships with the leading companies.

  • Define local capacities.
  • connecting local capacities with international companies.
  • Continues Improvement and development.
  • Localization of military industries.
  • Training and qualification.
13.00-15.00PMThe role of local content and small and medium local Enterprises in supporting the manufacture of materials and spare parts
Saudization of technical and engineering specialties and utilization of the outputs of research centers and universities in the development of local industry.

  • Participation of small and medium enterprises in military industries
  • Integrated supply chain between large, small and medium enterprises
  • Use of local research centers by large and global companies
13.00-15.00PMFinancial procedures to support local manufacturing
Procedures for Utilizing industrial data center outputs in supporting localization

  • long payments processing time
  • Government competition and procurement system
  • Procurement system in major companies
  • The need for classification and coding of local factories and products
  • Local products global Advertisement

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